Increase your energy yield by ~6%

Run your plants at peak potential with raicoon AOC.

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The value you’ll add with raicoon:

How it works

  1. Detect faults

    The AOC’s fault detection engine finds every performance-relevant fault and makes alerts only when necessary.

  2. Assess inefficiencies

    Through constant analysis of current and historical data, the system makes a timely and correct decision about what comes next.

  3. Address errors

    The multi-level smart ticket system automatically creates a ticket and assigns it to the correct person to make the fix.

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Game-changing technology comes with game-changing benefits.

Increase energy yield

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Be in control

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Manage service partner quality

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Reduce costs

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Gain insight and transparency

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Increase energy yield

The AOC assesses and addresses faults faster and more accurately than traditional operations centers. And it finds every measurable fault, not just major errors. There’s no need for an engineer to analyze and confirm, which means repairs can be made faster. The result is less downtime, and an increased yield of ~6%.

Be in control

You no longer need to rely on your service partners to accurately prioritize anomalies, or to create detailed and relevant reports every month. The system does that for you. By giving you full transparency into and ownership of your data, the AOC rids you of unintentional dependency, so you have the freedom to decide who you work with.

Manage service partner quality

The AOC measures the parameters of your service level agreements precisely and automatically, so you can manage the quality of your service partner relationships directly. You’ll have full transparency into what goes on at your plants, which leads to reduced response and repair times so you can run more efficiently.

Reduce costs

Automation brings simplicity and scalability to your systems. raicoon’s multi-level smart ticket system provides technicians with the details they need to fix an error quickly and efficiently. Costs are reduced by increasing the lifetime value of your systems, erasing the need for monitoring infrastructure, and by removing unnecessary steps from maintenance – and reducing your O&M contract price.

Gain insight and transparency

raicoon gives you an overview of which anomalies occur in your system, how they impact output, and how they’re handled. Live reports are available at anytime, so you can track asset performance and relevant KPIs. With access to this detailed information you’re better able to manage it, so you can finally have real control over your assets.

One step ahead

Be part of the revolution.

raicoon AOC has numerous advantages over other monitoring systems

Monitoring system

From resource-intensive, manually controlled operations centers of the present...


Highly efficient and fully autonomous future with raicoon AOC

Raicoon AOC a highly efficient, exceptionally accurate, and fully autonomous future.
Data collection
Data visualization
Report generation
100% fault detection
Zero false alarms
Service quality monitoring
Multi-level smart ticket system
Autonomous operations

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Learn the ins and outs of the technology and the benefits in detail.


Onboard a few of your plants and see the system in action.


Configure the rest of your plants so raicoon can learn and optimize.

Run autonomously

Sit back and let AI do the work as your yields and revenues increase.

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