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Shaping a world that runs itself on renewables.


Our mission is to revolutionize renewables with autonomous operations.

Help us rescue valuable renewable energy by taking your solar operations to the next level – autonomy.

Ralf Tschanun and Michael Edelbacher walk around the office

A paradigm-shift of epic proportions

Renewable energy systems are not running to their peak potential, and valuable energy is going to waste. Accelerating the energy transition will require that we not only expand our green energy capacity, but transform existing systems to run with incredible efficiency and increased profitability. raicoon AOC is our answer to that call.

Ralf Tschanun presents the vision for the future of raicoon AOC to the employees

Envisioning the future by challenging the present

With over a decade of experience in the field, we know firsthand how critical, complicated, and costly the operations and maintenance of renewable energy systems can be. PV systems create a huge amount of data. The sheer amount of complexity is too much for any one human to process. And to make timely, perfect decisions based on that data? Near impossible.

Ralf and Michael discuss a new era of fully autonomous operations

A new era of fully autonomous operations for renewable energy systems

To run a renewable energy system in a perfect way would require a perfect employee. The PV market is growing exponentially, but people don’t scale that way. And due to inefficiencies, energy is going uncaptured. Our mission is to optimize renewable energy systems and rescue valuable renewable energy from going to waste.

Ralf Tschanun talks to his colleagues at raicoon about autonomous operations

A brighter future for humankind

We’re proud of the fact that we were the first to create an error detection software that detects 100% of performance-relevant faults and creates zero false alerts. And now we’ve taken our solution a step further – autonomous operations. With the power of AI and machine learning, we can increase the energy output of already existing systems by ~6%. We can accelerate the energy transition by optimizing energy production – right now, today.

raicoon: the AI-supercharged raccoon

We’re driven and inspired by the same traits associated with raccoons. They’re highly communicative creatures who are active in both the day and night, and who acquire new skills with ease. They’re intelligent, curious, and they approach problems systematically.

You can see the similarities – raicoon AOC doesn’t just present you with the data, it actually communicates what the correct next steps are. Just like a raccoon digs through dirt and waste to find its treasure, the AOC digs for faults 24/7 to recover valuable renewable energy. And with the power of AI and machine learning, raicoon is always learning, so energy output is always optimizing.

The raicoon mascot Rick the raccoon
Who we are

We are raicoon. And we want to accelerate the energy transition.

Respect for renewables

Empowering the transition to renewables to safeguard our future, we don’t let energy go to waste.

A bright future requires bright minds

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raicoon: running renewables.*

*so you don’t have to.

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