Fully autonomous operations

The beginning of an era

Fully autonomous operations introduces a new era. One in which there’s no need for human engineers to monitor, analyze, and confirm information produced by renewable energy systems. Modern systems capture a vast amount of data. The problem is: this data is often of poor quality, and it can’t be used directly.


This is where raicoon comes in. The AOC aggregates the data and uses machine learning technologies to analyze, standardize, and if necessary, correct incoming data so it can be used quickly and efficiently. The quality of this data is the key to ensuring your systems run optimally. By sanitizing it, the foundation is set for fault detection and diagnostics, and thus – autonomous operations.

An entirely new approach for asset management and maintenance

The result is a standardized workflow that’s dependable, scalable, and transparent. When intervention is needed, the AOC’s multi-level smart ticket system automatically creates a ticket and assigns it to the correct person to make the fix. If the responsible technician is unable to meet the agreed-upon timeframe, or if more resources are required, only then will the AOC request additional intervention.


Asset owners are in the know about what’s going on at their plants, and fault characteristics are updated live within the ticket so engineers have all the detail they need to resolve faults quickly and efficiently. And thanks to the transparency monitor, both system and service partner performance are accessible to everyone involved. 

A truly autonomous system

The information is available to view at any time – but you don’t have to. Everyone involved can relax and go about their business – no more active monitoring or checking reports – because raicoon AOC will notify you exactly when you need to act. It’s a truly autonomous system that facilitates the needs of everyone in the value chain.

raicoon: running renewables.*

*so you don’t have to.

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